Wednesday, December 30, 2009



Due to compatability issues with the latest ios, we;ve taken zombie planet down.  We had a lot of ideas we didn't get to bring to life with this project but for now it is dead. :(

We may resurrect, and promise if we do, it will be much bigger and better. Thanks for your support and understanding.


It's been a busy year. I know I haven't been posting but I've had good reason. Since wrapping up my Autumn Moon projects, I had a few other little gigs, but nothing too heavy so I figured it was time to try my own little project. A programmer I work with at my dayjob;Marc Hebert, and I , have been tossing around a few ideas for a few months and we decided we'd try our hand at making a few iphone games. We decided to use Blistered Thumb Games as our company identity. A kick back to those button masher classics.

So this was way back in September we decided we'd get the ball rolling. Between our day job, and other clients, we didn't quite get to where we wanted to be as quickly as we would have liked, but we kept moving and the last few months have been running quite smoothly.

So with Christmas finally here, we've released our first game "Zombie Planet". It has been a fun ride working on it and we learned a ton. We've also been lucky to have Neil Kennedy join our team to give us some kicking sounds and music. All in all, quite happy with everything so far. Hopefully people get a kick out of it.

You can gGet it here:

We're learning and having fun doing it. Your feedback keeps us improving and growing. And your support will keep us adding new content

Cheers and Merry Christmas.

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