Tuesday, February 10, 2009

a few more sketches

Here's a few more quick AVS sketches.

Been working on both writing and illustrating a childrens book lately. So many things to consider. Hardcover vs softcover. Size and dimensions. Paper texture and quality. Special printing. Combination gloss & matte. How will it look on the shelf. Will it fit good in little hands. Maybe I'm thinking too much. This is unchartered territory and even though I'm more or less making it for my kids, it'd be nice to get it out there. The written part is pretty much complete, and I've pretty much nailed down the 2 main(and pretty much only) characters. Maybe I'll post the sketches this weekend for some feedback.

Enough rambles...enjoy.


Mike Dutton said...

Hey Jean Louis, your work on the game was incredible. It would've been great to work in the same building together, but I guess that would have been a very, very long commute for you. ;)

Crumbs said...

The sketches are what I really love, the ones at the top. The Valentine's picture was my favourite out of the Vampyre cards, and it's great seeing it come to life like that. I had no idea it'd been done totally digitally.

JL said...

Yes Mike, that would be a heck of a commute. :) I would have loved to be there to work and learn from you guys. Some great art work being made down there. I checked out your blog, and loved the work I saw. We'll have to do a better job and collaborating and corresponding on future projects. I found out I'll be heading to GDC in March so I may even get to pop by the office. :) I'll send you an email later this week.

Thanks Crumbs. I always love the energy of sketches. Animation pencil tests especially from the classics like jungle book excite me. I tend to work both on paper and digitally. Sometimes both together. Digital makes it so easy to fix your mistakes.

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful! I really cannot play the game without staring at the characters all the time... I'm happy that u make the art accessable for us! Say, will there be an Artbook or some kind of compilation for AVS(or the series)?


B said...
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