Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sally & O'Mally

Well here is my children's book characters now in technicolor as promised. I'm pretty much done the story where I like it. I'm going to get some feedback from a couple more people and then it's time to start drawing and roughing everything out. I'm thinking the covers and sleeve will be rendered like this but the interior might be done a little simpler. Not sure yet. Maybe even watercolor. I haven't committed to an idea yet which is good as I have a couple little projects that just popped up before I get going on it. Hope somebody out there likes it. My kids like the characters. That's totally a "My mum thinks I'm cute !" comment isn't it? I'm shutting up now.



P.s. There's some weird pixelation going on when i post this image for some reason. The .jpg looks fine here but when I post it it gets muddy so my apologies. :)


kend said...


Danica Brine said...

You paint like a devil ! It's really awsome, I love the vividness of it, the way you paint the eyes is really neet, gives it a nice watery and polished look. Keep it up !

- Danica

JL said...

Thanks guys.

Danica, I've been digging your posts. Great poses!

If all goes well, I'll post the cover for the book in the near future. I've decided to do the covers acrylic on canvas. Or maybe guache if I'm brave enough. Haven't painted in years though. :)